Extracting Business Impact From Your Data


We build technology platforms to store and process your data

Data Lake

We engineer big data repositories that manages both structured & unstructured data.


We provide advanced data analytics services- Analysis, Modeling, and Deployment

Business Insights

We turn data driven insights into actionable business decisions

helping business PROFIT

Our Services


Cloud Technologies

The time to deliberate over Cloud adoption is over. Cloud has become the default choice of all informed CIOs. C-suite debates today aren’t only about which Cloud technology to use, but also about using a single cloud or multiple.

All considerations aside, the challenge is to find the ‘best fit’ for your business – something that only a feet-on-the-ground Cloud implementation partner would know. With Spout by your side, you will not only minimize the time to transition to the new technology, but even the associated risks.



Big Data & Analytics

We will turn your data into insights and deliver it to the right people at the right time for right decisions!!

Our team of consultants, analysts, and data architects work with enterprises like yours to build a roadmap to success with Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. Regardless of the state of your data, we can help get you on the right track and start delivering results. 






We’ve helped small startups and well-established companies alike with the most suitable DevOps strategies. Our highly experienced engineers are available 24-7 to support an innovative and collaborative experience.

Our consultants can educate and empower internal development staff, project managers and operators. Our processes are aimed at advancing software quality and accelerating time to market.





80% of time and resources are spent on searching for data and 20% is focussed on analysis that drives intelligent business decisions. Proper data strategy can inverse this statistic by leng data driven insights to guide decision making.

We start with auditing your data sources and create a data plan. We can then identify high value use cases to test the data set against. We will assemble selected technologies and demonstrate the value of your data in achieving your business objectives. We can achieve this in 3-4 months time span . Finally, we can make recommendations to scale the POC into a full implementation inorder to drive future architecture and data usage.

Spout Analytics

Everybody knows that data is useful. We are the ones that make it so. Not bound by any loyalties to any particular platform or approach, we enable our clients to derive value from their Big Data.