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Spout Analytics helps organizations to leverage the power of big data and analytics in order to turn data into insights.

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Predictive Analytics is helpful yet exasperating in equal measures. After all, depending upon past patters to predict future outcomes, brings with it the risk of the unknown and the unpredictable. What does the anonymous customer want? How accurate are the ratings given by reviewers? Is the data too old? Is the data even significant? At Spout, our irreverent attitude towards technologies, languages, and platforms, keeps us on our feet.
We never assume that we have all the answers.
We keep questioning if we have taken all relevant factors into account.
We keep digging for missing data
This approach helps us minimize the scope for errors and enables us to provide our clients with dependable and actionable insights.


DevOps is adopted by organizations keen on taking the agile route to product delivery. However, organizational culture and infrastructure bottlenecks can sink the endeavor even before it takes off. We can help you transcend these challenges by providing you with three-fold assistance. First, we shall provide a plan of action that considers all the limiting factors, while strategizing application architecture changes based on on-premises, cloud, and containers. Second, we will provide a secure environment that would facilitate continuous testing. Third, we will employ the Spout Labs to experiment with modeling for legacy infrastructure and applications, simplifying the coexistence of new hardware or software with older systems.


Today it is commonplace for organizations to possess mountains of data. However, they are unable to interpret what it means for their business. At Spout, we apply the basic tenets of Data Science to filter your data and prepare sets for analysis by ensuring that it is relevant, connected, accurate, and in sufficient quantity. We use machine learning algorithms to label and categorize your data, visualize it, identify if it signifies anything out of ordinary, study its organization, and interpret its significance for your business. Experienced in Python, Scala, Hadoop, R, Apache Spark and various data mining tools and algorithms, we ‘talk’ to your data and interpret the findings for your business’ benefit.


Big Data is useless unless it is prepared for analysis. At Spout, we are experienced in various tools of the trade including Hadoop, Mapreduce, Cassandra, NoSQL, SQL, Hive & Pig etc. We employ these tools to design, build and maintain your organization’s Big Data ecosystem by sorting, sifting, and integrating data from various sources. We make it easily accessible and ensure that it responds smoothly to all queries. We also perform ETL on big datasets to create data warehouses that can be utilized by Data Scientists for reporting and analysis.

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